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We want to revolutionize how your emergency management team provides services.

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Emergency management sheltering provides life-sustaining services in a safe, sanitary, and secure environment for survivors affected by disasters and people who evacuate before disaster strikes.

The accessible facilities provide comfort, food, water, information, and sleeping accommodations to meet the immediate disaster-caused needs of individuals, families, and communities. Core services are provided in every shelter, and situational services are provided based on the client's needs.

These services commonly involve providing transportation and other special needs assistance to community members who cannot get to or from shelters independently.

Our tools assist emergency management in providing sheltering operations, including:

Information and Notification

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Reliable, validated information is an overwhelming need right after an incident occurs. Victims need to know what happened, where they can go for safety, where and how they will be united with their support systems, and how to access services. Families and friends of presumed victims will be looking for information on the safety and whereabouts of their loved ones. An INC provides a common gathering place, information, and basic support services for survivors and families.

Our tools assist emergency management in INC operations, including:

  • Intake for Missing Person
  • Eliminate the people not involved
  • Match/Eliminate Duplicate Request
  • Connect Multiple Participating Organizations

Family Assistance (FAC)

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The Family Assistance Center (FAC) provides assistance following a mass fatality incident. It is defined as the provision of services and information to the family members of those killed and to those injured or otherwise impacted by the incident.

The FAC is focused on the immediate aftermath, providing survivors and families of victims with a safe, central gathering place near the disaster site. The FAC provides a venue for authorities to provide information to victims, coordinate access to support services, and facilitate the collection of information from families necessary for victim identification.

Our tools assist emergency management provide FAC services, including:

Transitioning from Family Reunification (FRC/FFRC)
to Information and Notification Center (INC)

Our first version was introduced as a Family Reunification Service. It focused on providing Tools for Heroes that help locate and reunite family members following a mass casualty event. We've worked with emergency management professionals across the country and learned that they are moving away from using the term Family Reunification in favor of the Information and Notification Center. As an organization, we want to align ourselves with the terminology these professionals use to make it easy to find, understand, and provide industry-changing benefits.

Our Mission is to Improve How Emergency Management Provides Services

After hearing firsthand about an incident where a prominent healthcare organization faced challenges managing incoming information requests and effectively organizing, searching for, and communicating with the families needing information, our Co-Founders were inspired to help improve it.

As we started our journey, our first step was to create our Family Reunification Service, now called Information and Notification Center. The inspiration for it came from other great organizations that had identified key needs, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), The Joint Commission, The Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Read what we learned about prioritizing the needs of children and families during emergencies from these organizations. Elev8Technologies and the Importance of Family Reunification Services

The current version of our software as a service has new, powerful features for Sheltering, Information and Notification, and Family Assistance. These features are the result of direct input from emergency management professionals across the country and from work groups they have established to identify common needs and best practices.

We are not done and have a lot more on the horizon. We possess a clear vision and a roadmap that now serve as our mission, enabling us to continually improve our service and aspire to be your dedicated partner.