Leverage the power and reliability of text messaging for quick and efficient mass notification and polling.
Image showing highlights of Messages features

Mass Notifications

From a catastrophic event to everyday usage, send out one or thousands of text messages to residents, employees, students, and staff from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

example Messages sending a message
example of Messages list management

Delivery in Seconds

Import lists to create a database of names and phone numbers, empowering emergency management to deliver messages in seconds to specific populations, geographies, or lists.

Structured Response

Enhance Situational Awareness using targeted polling to determine the population involved in an event and confirm the safety of those unaffected using a structured response to change their status to Marked Safe or know that they need help and provide additional information.

example of Messages structured response template
example of combining a Form Builder form to send a Message that enables the user easily get to the form and complete it.

Contact and Collect

Combine Form Builder's Custom forms and Messages to rapidly contact and collect information.