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Image showing highlights of Emergency Management briefing

Local, County and State


Before a disaster, the community counts on local, county, and state emergency management to help evacuate to shelters that provide life-sustaining services in a safe, sanitary, and secure environment.

Information and Notification (INC/FRC/FFRC)

After an event, they count on them for reliable, validated information. Victims need to know what happened, where they can go for safety, where and how they will be united with their support systems, and how to access services. Families and friends of presumed victims will be looking for information on the safety and whereabouts of their loved ones.

Family Assistance (FAC)

In the immediate aftermath, they count on them to provide survivors and families of victims with a safe, central gathering place where authorities provide information to victims, coordinate access to support services, and facilitate the collection of information from families necessary for victim identification.

Our tools assist emergency management with Sheltering, INC, and FAC operations.