Family Assistance Center (FAC)

Services and Information for those impacted by an incident.
Image showing highlights of Family Assistance Center (FAC) feature

What is a Family Assistance Center (FAC)?

The Family Assistance Center (FAC) provides assistance following a mass fatality incident. It is defined as the provision of services and information to the family members of those killed and to those injured or otherwise impacted by the incident.

The FAC is focused on the immediate aftermath, providing survivors and families of victims with a safe, central gathering place near the disaster site. The FAC provides a venue for authorities to provide information to victims, coordinate access to support services, and facilitate the collection of information from families necessary for victim identification.

Our tools assist emergency management with FAC operations, including:

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Service Provider Organizations

One location for all the organizations that can be called when services are needed for the FAC.

Authorized Service Providers

Create and maintain authorized individual service providers and the services they can provide

example of authorized service providers
example of using Messages with FAC

Mass Notification

Use Messages to send SMS messages (text messages) to activate emergency management team members and needed authorized service providers.

FAC Services

Be prepared with a predefined list of services and event templates that accelerate setting up a FAC.

example of comparing possible duplicates
example of connect request to other organizations


Community members can self-register on any internet-connected device in 130+ languages.

A QR code can be downloaded and printed for placement before entering the FAC to accelerate registration.

Emergency management team members or volunteers can help register for those without devices.

Check-in is as easy as a single button click, and automatically adds the registered person to the service provider queue to receive services.

FAC Client Queue

Working with the registration process, the FAC Client Queue provides real-time information about who is in the FAC, what services they registered for, and when they will receive the services they requested.

Additionally, the queue can be displayed on a large screen to help keep those waiting aware of when they will receive services.

example of the Dashboard for INC
example of an After Action Report

After Action Reports

Every event provides an opportunity to learn what was done well and what could be improved. Our action reports integrate data to help summarize each event.


Whether it is the EOC or the emergency management team leading the FAC, quickly seeing an overview of how many people have been registered, what service providers are on-site, what services do not have a service provider, and what services are most used provides situational awareness and enable informed decision-making.

example of the Dashboard for FAC