Not Just Major Incidents
Weather, housing and a lot more.
Image showing an Emergency Management team

Higher Education

Emergency management for higher education goes beyond preparedness to handle mass casualty events. It involves being responsible for a population up to the size of a city with a seemingly endless list of regularly occurring events, from weather that impacts students' safety getting to and from class to dorm room utility outages to incidents involving traveling sports teams.

The Need for Mass Notification

When an event occurs, the ability to use SMS (text messaging) for mass notification or structured polling of students and faculty can not only enable emergency management teams to respond to parents and families on the status of their students in minutes but can also save lives. Our Messages and Marked Safe features were designed with input from the people doing the job in higher education.

Is My Student OK?

As soon as any emergency management event is published by the media or other students on social media, parents and families who cannot immediately reach their student will call and ask if their student is okay. Using a combination of features from our Information and Notification, Messages, and Marked Safe features, the emergency management team can help reduce the burden on improvised call centers, poll the students and faculty and quickly ascertain if a student is involved and respond to the person that made the request.

Sheltering, Information and Notification (INC/FRC/FFRC), and Family Assistance (FAC)

Having participated in an emergency management exercise at University of California Irvine, we saw firsthand how their facilities are ideal candidates for Sheltering, INC, or FAC operations. Our tools enable the emergency management team to be prepared and have a process to handle even the largest incidents.