Web-Based Role Call

Improve situational awareness by knowing who is on-site.
Image showing highlights of Web Based Role Call features

Time and Availability

Tools for team members, FAC clients, and service providers to check in and out so that the emergency management team and the EOC know who is on-site, how many need to be serviced, and who is providing services at a glance.

example Check-in for Team Members, FAC clients, and service providers

Automatically Populate Service Queues

Automatically populate available services when a FAC service provider checks in. Add FAC Client to service queues as they register for services and remove them when they receive services.

example of Messages structured response template
example of combining a Form Builder form to send a Message that enables the user easily get to the form and complete it.

Allocation and Utilization

Use the data from check-in and checked-out activity with calculated total time spent to better understand how resources were allocated and utilized during an event.